• To know that hell await sinners and keep silent on the matter would be injustice to mankind.The world Relgions.Agree that in times of deep uncertainty and change,a great spiritual teacher may be expected.Buddhist refer to the coming of Lord maitreya,Hindus refer to the kalki avatar,and Christians to second coming of JESUS CHRIST.Christ coming is still IMMINENT-it could happen anyday.No Relgion under heaven can save, only in Christ Jesus Acts 4-12.Think of it.

    The devil blinds peoples minds,to rob them their glory in Jesus Christ. 2-Corth-4-4-7.Satan has different deception prepared to reach different minds.To Buddhist and Hindus Satan rob them by telling them Christ Jesus is spiritual teacher.ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? Get out of error ,come to JESUS or you will die in horror.

    Satan inspires counterfeit religions and cults,confusing multitudes about the truth of gospel of Christ Jesus.Example of Mohammed and his followers,Satan rob them by telling them God has no Son.ARE YOU ONE OF THEM ?Get out of error.REPENT TODAY.

  • May God protect our brothers the Egyptians and every individual resident in Egypt and Egypt is free of his father and help them to aggression is Egyptian blood o world

  • I dont see in this whole universe except FREEDOM , and anything without it is NOTHING
    you cant separate the Peace from Freedom, coz nobody can be peaceful except if he's free, the Afraid people never make the Freedom, and the Weak never create Peace and who has shaky hands will never have the strength to build the Future, because i believe that the strength is in YOUTH.....-- Me

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